Horse Everything
Horse Everything is offered all year long!
Here at Horse Everything we believe in safety first. We cover all aspects of horsemanship from basic training to success at horseshows.
Horse Everything is about teaching the student everything about the horse and everything about riding.
  • ​Western riding lessons include Gymkhana instruction. 
  • ​English riding lessons include flat work and jumping.
  • Horses and helmets are supplied. ​The student will gain self confidence as they learn to control the animal.
  • We train students young and old beginning at age 2 1/2. The instructor and demonstrator have a combined 50 years of experience. 
  • Horse Everything's instructors love to teach students EVERYTHING!
  • Horse Everything's Pony Parties are fabulous! With your party theme, we costume and decorate the pony and horse. Ponies are hand walked and a sidewalker is included.